Alex K. Rojas

Combat Child Sex Trafficking from Where You Are

Alex K. Rojas (Alex Kruz) founded the Samarpan NGO in 2014 to maintain an orphanage for disabled children and combat child sex trafficking in Nepal. He brought his front line experience combatting child sex traffickers around the world to the organization, and lives by the motto if you can’t directly change a situation yourself – make others aware of the problem.  Mr. Rojas was a co-producer/director for the film “Parivara” about a family of blind orphans at his foundation’s orphanage.

Parivara was awarded Grand Jury Prize of “Best Short Documentary” at the International Filmmaker Festival of New York. He believes “in unity there is strength” which is what led to him becoming a filmmaker and spreading awareness how he can.  Mr. Rojas has also produced, “Godka Cirka” about female child genital mutilation in Somalia, and “Madina’s Dream” about Sudanese children in a forgotten war.
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